Downloading folder and not zip file

Wed Apr 15, 2015 1:07 am in Feature Requests

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Downloading folder and not zip file

Hi there
I am using this app to download many files from the phone. But when i select multiple files the only way i can downlod is via zip file. But this method is slow as the files need to be zipped and the transfer rate also suffers.

So please find a way to download the whole folder with many files without making a zip file out of it.

I think it is possible and you can make it possible. Will hope to see this soon.


Re: Downloading folder and not zip file

I'm looking exactly for the same feature. I want not to dowload a zip file and then extract his content. There are many reasons:
  1. Not everybody is comfortable on extracting from archives
  2. This way, user is obligated to extract and then delete the archive
  3. Zipper JPG files are not compressed, so IMHO, create a ZIP to reduce data transmissión have no sense, at least in a LAN.
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