AirDroid Web Suggestions and Ideas

Fri Jun 19, 2015 4:35 pm in Feature Requests

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AirDroid Web Suggestions and Ideas

New to the forum...

However, I have been using this app and web service for two days now and already have some suggestions.

First I feel I should share my use for this app. I work for a Health Insurance company and due to the HIPAA law we are not allowed to have our phones out while in areas that contain PHI (private health information). So this app brings my phone to my desktop and I can still keep up with all my text messages and call log throughout the day without once having to bring my phone out of my pocket.

This is the sole purpose for me is merely keeping up with text messages and call log. Not to say that all of the features included aren't superb, it's just none of them are something that I would use in the means that I am utilizing this program. Therein, the rest of the icons, details, and tools are unnecessary for me.

What would be ideal, is if there was a tab in the Settings to check or uncheck various features that a user wants to show on the screen in the web view e.g. unchecking Video removes the Video icon, unchecking Toolbox removes the Toolbox etc. Doing so would allow for more user customization.

An icon that links to this Forum would be nifty...ideally that opens in a separate tab when clicked from the Web view.

Another idea...perhaps down the road...throw the ability to select from a few different themes to add to a more customized user experience.

I appreciate your consideration and any feedback, and please feel free to add further ideas to this thread provided the Mods approve that is.
Coffee Admin

Re: AirDroid Web Suggestions and Ideas

Thanks for the suggestions. The features you mentioned are not supported now.

I've collected them and we'll consider these in future updates :) Feel free to let me know if you have any other suggestions or questions.

And anyone who has the same need on these feature requests, please speak out XD
Lincoln Maurice

Re: AirDroid Web Suggestions and Ideas

I'd like to weigh in on some suggestions?

Firstly, parsing tet for phone numbers, much like Skype does would be amazing. Click to dial from anywhere in the browser with the aide of a Chrome Extension? Yep.

But building up to that, at least being able to make urls with "tel:" go thtrough to airdroid to make calls would be great.
Lincoln Maurice
Scott Garren

Re: AirDroid Web Suggestions and Ideas

I think the real need is for airdroid to handle the tel: url. There are lots of browser addons that parse phone numbers on web pages and do a click-to-dial using the tel: url. Airdroid does not need to do web page parsing. It just has to process click-to-dial requests. Not all calls are made from the contact phone book. Many of my calls are to people in my CRM app for instance.
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Scott Garren
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