Various feature suggestions

Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:30 am in Feature Requests

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Various feature suggestions

I have a few ideas that could really take this app over the top. The app is amazing so these are all little things are possibly useful features.
I decided to compile them into a single list.
1) An icon that when clicked will make your phone beep. So that if you can't find your phone you can hear it without someone else having to call it.
2) This would be Chrome exclusive but if you used the power of desktop notifications we could get popup notifications natively in the browser.
3) It would be great if there was a "select all" tickbox at the top of the messaging window so we didn't have to tick individual messages. I see that it does exist in the call log. Actually you could just put one in everything that involves selections.
4) We can set images as wallpapers but it would also be really nice if we could change contact pictures the same way.
5) It could be useful to be able to specify which folders Airdroid indexes for music files. I like to use different folders and it doesn't list some of them.
6) I really like the wallpaper but I find the tree detail in the bottom right a bit distracting. I would use the exact same colours as a gradient and eliminating the trees.


One other suggestion. The ability to create and edit playlists for the stock Android music player.
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