Tablet Support/ Interface

Sat May 19, 2012 7:54 pm in Feature Requests

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Tablet Support/ Interface

I am a developer from XDA and we all know that the few android tablet owners get almost no love from google all too well. I love airdroid and I have been lazy and havent posted this yet, now to the point.
I have an ICS 4.0.4 tablet and I thought that an interface both more tablet friendly and give them some extra features and remove the ones that are special for phones (e.g. calling, messaging, etc... Except on cell network capable tablets). This would both bring in more users, and you could release a pro version to bring in more revenue.
Heres a list of features that would be good to add:
- Tablet friendly app UI
- Support for tablets that aren't licensed by Google to run Android (e.g. Nook Color, Lenova Thinkpad, etc...)
- Tablet friendly widget UI (add like battery icon and/or some more special stuff)
- Device pictures in computer web ui
- Upload to device support for tablets
- More settings and Custimization (both phone and tablet)
-Suggest tablet friendly apps
-Anything else people suggest for me to add

Feature Removal:
- Caling and Messaging (for tablets that dont support it)
-Anything else people suggest to me

If you need assistance in developing for a tablet, let me know because I would gladly lend my time coding for one of my favorite apps!
Other than that, thank you airdroid for making a wonderful app! I would gladly pay money for a pro version!


Is there a way to use a tablet as the host? like you do with the pc/laptop? So that I can manage my mobile phone on my Samsung tablet. Thanks
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