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Sun Jun 10, 2012 9:04 am in Feature Requests

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UX Stuff

First of all I just want to say I love the application and the idea. I'm excited for when it is out of beta and plan to purchase it.
However I do have a few minor UX gripes.

As an Android user (and a developer myself on both iOS and Android) I am a little off put by the iOS feel of the icons on the served web page (especially the contacts icon). I'm also worried Apple might be displeased by them (especially the contacts icon) and just want to suggest creating a new set of icons.

Inside the application itself I think it would be better if the settings button were replaced with the ActionBar equivalent, and if when pressed it went to an Android style PreferenceFragment instead of a very iOS themed page (complete with carats and iOS radio buttons that just shouldn't exist on Android).

Also within the application as an Android user I'm very annoyed when asked if I want to back out of an app. I feel like if I hit the back button I absolutely wanted to back out, and unless I'm playing a game it is extremely off putting (games are a bit different in this regard as the rapid interaction with the touch screen sometimes causes accidental back presses). If the team feels the dialog asking about backing out must stay in the app I recommend at least making hitting back again while the dialog is in view actually performing a proper back action. But really as a user I would much rather just not be hassled with a dialog about backing out of the app.
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