Cross-network connectivity akin to vscreens

Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:34 pm in Feature Requests

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Cross-network connectivity akin to vscreens

Really liking Airdroid. Very impressed.

Would love it if there were an option for it to operate in a similar fashion to SonyEricsson's "vscreens" app, whereby you visit a site from your browser which shows a QR code. Scan the code with your phone. This then creates a link and allows things to be accessed and transferred. Vscreens only allows pictures, but my layman's understanding of it might mean that Airdroid could possibly work the same way?

The only reason why i ask is that the wireless network at my office is a "dirty line" so my desktop machine is not technically on the same network. I cannot utilise this brilliant app unless I am at home.

The only other method would be USB connection, but I am not sure from the tutorial if this is so straightforward as it mentioned tethering, and I don't want my data tarif to be impacted or my PC to be diverting any regular traffic over the mobile network... not sure about this at the moment unless someone can clarify that one for me?

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