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Thu Dec 06, 2012 4:45 pm in Feature Requests

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Dark/Night Theme


I am visually impaired so please pardon me if this feature has already been requested.
I have a lot of difficulty navigating or searching forums for previously asked questions.

On my 10" Tablet, I cannot read or use most apps which are usually large expanses of white
background and small black, even worse for me - colored text. Therefore I respectfully requst
a Dark or Night theme for Airdroid. Black background with white text would be ideal for me as
I can see that contrasting layout much more easily.

On the PC side, it would also be nice to have a similar option. Currently I use Google Chrome
on the PC with the "PlainClothes" Extension so I can invert the web page view to provide the
high contrast I can read. This 6is far from ideal as that extension obscures page elements
such as close buttons etc. If the Airdroid web interface also had a dark theme toggle, that
would be perfect!

I find Airdroid to be indespansible and amongst the best of Android utility apps.

Thank you
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