Bluetooth connectivity

Mon Jul 09, 2012 9:38 pm in Feature Requests

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Bluetooth connectivity

I have a desktop and recently purchased a wireless card for it, so I could get internet on it through my wifi hotspot instead of USB tethering.I saw AirDroid in the market, opened it (thinking it would only work with the system hotspot app that you have to pay for, or external wifi), and opened it today with my hotspot on and it instantly worked!

However, neither my desktop, nor my netbook (which I originally was using my hotspot with) have Bluetooth capabilities, My phone however, does.

It'd be great if AirDroid could access and control Bluetooth devices using the phone, so users could use Bluetooth devices (headphones, keyboards, mice, gamepads ect.) on their Bluetoothless computers without needing to buy or use a Bluetooth card/dongle, as if they were.

It would also give the selected device(s) exclusivity so, say if I was using AirDroid to use my headphones to listen to my computer, and I used the controls on the side, it wouldn't make music start playing on my phone, and sound on my phone would play on my phone, not the headphones.

It would probably require root permissions :)
(yeah, more reason to be rooted!)
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