Using 4G LTE from Phone

Mon Feb 11, 2013 8:28 am in Feature Requests

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Using 4G LTE from Phone

I teach computer courses at two colleges. I wanted to show my Note 2 screen on the projector educating students on mobile technology. Our servers kill packets when I tried to connect my Note 2 and the classroom computer.
I hacked my WiFi hotspot on my Note 2 and provide the hotspot to my laptop. I then sign in to my AirDroid app on my Note 2. My laptop is hooked up to the school projector. Yes, I scan the QR code off the projected screen!!!! Really COOL!! It signs in and I can show everything on the projector!!

Wifi connected works faster. The 3g lags but I could not do this before!!

Thanks AirDroid for the beta 2g/3g. I can't wait for the 4G!!! It is coming???? isn't it???
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