Some nice "extras"

Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:28 am in Feature Requests

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Some nice "extras"

Please disable the long inactivity thing or make a settings or extras menu in which u
can turn that "power saving" option off(it's verry annoying to log in X-times a day), cause I have the phone all day
connected to the PC via USB in tether mode as a WiFi reciever so I can
have WLAN internet on the pc (PdaNet, PdaNet+) and the phone is charging and I have the never go to sleep when charging option in android enabled so that's not a problem, but u could implent that option in the application too. I also have a dual monitor setup (one of them always
open on airdroid to check sms-es and other stuff + I have the original
htc headphones connected to the One V so i can recieve calls and doesn't
need to pick up the phone from the desk to talk. Also it would be a great thing if the call
could be routed to the pc and use the 10$ mic on the pc and the audio
from the PC to handle the call (something like skype, but use the mobile operater, like for the sms-es)


install it in your phone and you'll find this option
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