Take Photo on phone

Tue Feb 26, 2013 10:15 pm in Feature Requests

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Take Photo on phone

Just downloaded this and started playing.
I used to have a Windows Mobile - HTC HD2, and had an app that was able to use my phone's camera. Basically it gave me a window on my PC, in which was the actual live screen of the phone. I could skin the app so that it showed my own phone surrounds.

Because it was live it meant I could run any program on my phone in real time. So, I could take a photo, type into a document or spreadsheet, or into messaging or contacts. OK, it was connected by usb, but modern WiFi is as fast as that used to be.

I appreciate that the app on the android with the web interface as set does not provide this - but how awesome would it be?

The SPECIFIC thing I really miss is the ability to take a remote photo.
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