Add "desktop" configurability

Thu May 23, 2013 12:07 pm in Feature Requests

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Add "desktop" configurability


AirDroid is really nice but it lacks configurability flexibility! The "desktop" for instance, is crowded with stuff I don't use nor want and there's currently no way of removing what we don't want.

Could it be possible to provide some kind of configuration panel allowing us to check/uncheck what icons should be visible/available ?

I have strictly no use to "Apps", "Music", "Videos", "Help" and "Ringtones".

If possible too, allow us to place the icons wherever we want and remember their places accross sesssions.

Finally, adding a way to change the desktop background with a custom JPG would be perfect.

PS: I ask a lot but I also would pay a Pro version for all these features as long as the price stays reasonnable.
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