Is AirDroid capable of remembering me like Google or Facebook remembers me?

Fri Jul 12, 2013 2:58 pm in Feature Requests

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Is AirDroid capable of remembering me like Google or Facebook remembers me?

Dear AirDroid Developer,
I love this app. The design-layout, graphics, and features are truly outstanding. The only problem with AirDroid is what happens each time the connection between phone and computer is broken. I feel like I constantly have to sign-in and re-link the phone with my computer. Even though the sign-in features make the process rather easy, the task of constantly signing-in and connecting becomes annoying. Therefore, my suggestion would be to develop an automatic connection between AirDroid and phones as in a similar fashion Google or Facebook automatically connects and syncs between computer and mobile device.
Imagine how users would feel if they had to, on their personal devices, log into Facebook every time before use. Not only that but furthermore, before they could even use Facebook, they had to go through the process of linking phone with computer. I strongly feel this one issue is what's holding AirDroid back from being as widespread as Facebook or Google.
If AirDroid users could choose to remain logged-in and no further action would be required each time the link between website and phone was broken, then this major problem would be resolved and AirDroid would catch like wildfire. Please let me know either way if this purposed solution is plausible.
Thank you for your time.
AirDroid User
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