Keep "Compose New Message" Window separate from conversation view like in previous version

Sun Jul 21, 2013 7:27 pm in Feature Requests

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Keep "Compose New Message" Window separate from conversation view like in previous version

Hi there. In the previous version of airdroid, the "Compose New Message" window was separate from the conversation view. This was uniquely useful when composing a message to multiple recipients and you wanted to look up their previous messages for context. Let me give an example:

I am sending an sms to John and Paul. In the previous version, the new message window would be separate from conversation view so I could open both windows side by side and look at John or Paul's previous messages while composing. Even better was the fact that when I pressed send, the new message window would stay open and if I wanted to send another message to both of them, I just had to type in it again.

In the current version (2.0.3), the new message window is shown in the same window. So if I want to look at a previous message, I have to jump back and forth between looking an typing. Also, when I press send, the new message window closes. If I want to send John and Paul another message, I have to either make a new message, re-select their names and send; or post it individually in their conversation windows. This can become very tedious when 4 or 5 people are involved.

Proposed solution:
1. Make the "Compose New Message" window open up as a separate window. This can even be a selectable option in SMS Settings for those who prefer not to use it.
2. When pressing send on the Compose New Message window, the window should remain open and not close automatically.
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