[Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

Mon Aug 17, 2015 7:46 am in General

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Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

This is cool

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!


Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

Hi, please help me...

i'm a new user of airdroid and air mirror

i have a pb with AirMirror...
My device, androide 4.2, already connectetd, debugging usb mode activated, but each time i try to open airmirror, it doesn't find my device!!!

airdroid puts me a notification " choose the device to activated (sm-t210), but airmirror doesn't find it...

i've already tried to disconnect my device, to restart it, to restart my computer, to begin xith desktop then with airdroid web!!!

but still nothing....



Hi Did you get an answer? of fix? I have the same problem

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

skojim karticama jos mogu kupti premium sa debitnim

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

The camera only takes pictures. How do I enable video recording?

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

How do I unlock my android remotely when my airdroid site on my computer saying i have no devices connected but my android is locked me out with a password i never put on it ?
samsung SM-G900

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

Get Started
[Help & FAQ] Quick Guide of AirDroid

[Help & FAQ] How to Create an AirDroid Account?
[Help & FAQ] What's the User Type of My Account?
[Help & FAQ] User Center - How to change my password/nickname/email & delete account
[Help & FAQ] Forget Password - How to reset my password

AirDroid Win/Mac
[Help & FAQ] How to install AirDroid Windows/Mac?
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Win/Mac - Files​ (New Feature!!)
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Win/Mac - Photos (New Feature!!)
[Help & FAQ] AirMirror
[Help & FAQ] Record phone screen in AirMirror
[Help & FAQ] Using AirMirror in Non-Rooted Way
[Help & FAQ] Why I Can't Use AirMirror
[Help & FAQ] Known AirMirror Supported ROMs List of Rooted Devices
[Help & FAQ] How to Connect Your Device to AirDroid Win/Mac?
[Help & FAQ] How to Reply to WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger/Kik/Telegram Messages?
[Help & FAQ] Why I Can't Reply to WhatsApp Messages?
[Help & FAQ] File Transfer
[Help & FAQ] How to Start Bonjour Service
[Help & FAQ] Widget of AirDroid Windows
[Help & FAQ] How to clear notifications?
[Help & FAQ] How to disable Auto start?
[Help & FAQ] How to exit/sign out AirDroid Windows/Mac?
[Help & FAQ] Can't drag & drop files to AirDroid Windows?
[Help & FAQ] How to share content between your phone and computer clipboards?
[Help & FAQ] AirIME: how to use your computer keyboard to type on your phone?

AirDroid Web
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web Feature Introduction
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Files
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Apps
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Camera
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Music & Ringtones
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Videos
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Screenshot
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - Photos
[Help & FAQ] AirDroid Web - SMS
[Help & FAQ] What is Lite Mode and How to Use It?
[Help & FAQ] How to Use AirDroid Web Without an Account?
[Help & FAQ] How to Use AirDroid Web Without Wi-Fi or Other Network Connection?
[Help & FAQ] How to Set Desktop Notifications for AirDroid Web in Firefox and Safari?
[Help & FAQ] How to manage files on external SD card?
[Help & FAQ] How to Manage Files Saved to External SD Card on Android 5.0+?
[Help & FAQ] Find Phone

AirDroid Android
[Help & FAQ] Hotspot
[Help & FAQ] Booster
[Help & FAQ] Files
[Help & FAQ] What’s Backup?
[Help & FAQ] How to share AirDroid installation package (on phone) with your friends?
[Help & FAQ] How to manage permission for AirDroid on device with Android v.6.0 and above?

[Help & FAQ] Failed to Connect to Device?
[Help & FAQ] What Does the Sign In Error Code Mean?
[Help & FAQ] What's LAN Connection Mode and Remote Connection Mode?
[Help & FAQ] What's the Current Remote Data Usage?
[Help & FAQ] Why AirDroid Disconnect Constantly?

Premium & Billing
[Help & FAQ] What's AirDroid Premium Account?
[Help & FAQ] How to Purchase AirDroid Premium?
[Help & FAQ] How to Pay with Debit Card/Credit Card?
[Help & FAQ] Paid But Not Receive Activation Code?
[Help & FAQ] Paid But Failed to Activate AirDroid Premium?
[Help & FAQ] How Can I Get a Refund if I am Not Satisfied With the Service?
[Help & FAQ] How to Cancel Recurring Subscription of AirDroid Premium?
[Help & FAQ] How to Use AirDroid Activation Code?

[Help & FAQ] Multiple Device Support
[Help & FAQ] Why Remote Connection Mode When the Device and PC Are Connected to the Same Network?
[Help & FAQ] How to Uninstall AirDroid?
[Help & FAQ] How to Block Notification Pop-ups from Specific Apps?
[Help & FAQ] Notification Mirror
[Help & FAQ] Why I Can't Receive Any Notifications on AirDroid Win/Mac/Web?
[Help & FAQ] Can I Make a Phone Call with Computer's Mic and Speakers?
[Help & FAQ] What is local transfer and remote transfer?
[Help & FAQ] How to delete a device from my account?
[Help & FAQ] What Is Bonus? How to Get Bonus?
[Help & FAQ] How to Change Language of AirDroid?
[Help & FAQ] Long SMS Split Into Several Parts on Android 4.4 +
[Help & FAQ] "Stay signed in for 2 weeks" doesn't work?
[Help & FAQ] Will AirDroid Drain Phone's Battery?
[Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Available for Linux/iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch/Windows Phone?
[Help & FAQ] Why AirDroid is incompatible with my device?

[Help & FAQ] Is AirDroid Secure?
[Help & FAQ] Why AirDroid Needs so Many Permissions?
samsung SM-G900

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

I can not get a bonus on the PC

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

I only want to transfer photos. how do i turn the rest off?
RDX J colaborat

Re: [Help & FAQ] List of AirDroid's Help Articles!

no se puede conseguir permiso a trasladar archivos
RDX J colaborat
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